Aliased Nameservers

An aliased name server is essentially a server placeholder object that refers to another server. Aliasing name servers allows customers to establish an easy to remember and easy to use name to stand in for their real server names, redirect SQL connections to one SQL server to another SQL server instance on any machine and create connections to SQL servers using a specific protocol (named pipes, TCP, etc.) with a specific parameter.

Aliases can be used to set a user-defined name for connecting to a server, even if using a dynamic IP address that changes over time, because there are no changes in the connection string; all that’s needed is to update the alias and the application will continue to work as always, despite the change in IP address.

Using aliases also enhances performance by virtue of having pre-defined protocols. Whenever a connection is made to an SQL server from a client application, the server tries various protocols to connect, in the order they are defined in the SQL Server Connection Manager or SQL Server Client Network Utility. If an administrator already knows which protocol and port a server is ‘listening’ to, the administrator can configure an alias to bypass this process the SQL server goes through entirely.