Availability refers to the level of service provided by systems, services and applications on a website or network. Networks must have minimal downtime, planned or unplanned, in order to be deemed highly available systems. NationalNet Hosting has a long and consistent track record of high availability, which translates into stable and reliable websites and services for our clients and the customers they serve.

NationalNet Hosting use a proprietary server monitoring system to track response times, disk space usage, resource utilization and other availability metrics relating to service performance – learning from a server’s historical profile over time. When appropriate, the system even automatically provides recommendations and solutions for content management, as well as redundancy and load balancing considerations, ensuring dynamic optimization and consistent high performance. This comprehensive monitoring runs 24/7/365, and is tied to an alert system that notifies NationalNet technicians immediately when issues arise, around the clock.

To guard against worst case scenarios, NationalNet also offers a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan, designed to mirror a customer’s entire infrastructure in a second data center, one well removed from the client’s primary data center, to prevent the same disaster or incident from taking down both the primary and backup data center.