Bandwidth is a measurement of data throughput expressed in terms of a bit-rate, like bits per second, kilobits per second, or megabits per second. Essentially, bandwidth represents the capacity of connection; the larger the capacity of a given connection, the faster the potential bit-rate will be for that connection.

Bandwidth is also a standard means of calculating the cost of a hosting package; the more bandwidth a hosting customer consumes, the more their hosting will cost, by and large. NationalNet Hosting maintains an extremely high capacity network, designed to provide fast, reliable data delivery, and to ensure that clients’ websites perform exceptionally at all times.

NationalNet Hosting offers the option of scaleable bandwidth, meaning that customers only pay for what they use, as well as premium hosting packages geared for the needs of customers who require high transfer/low latency bandwidth that goes above and beyond the norm for a dedicated hosting service. NationalNet’s dedicated hosting and colocation customers typically are billed based on 95th percentile billing, giving customers access to enhanced site performance, while still only paying for their actual usage.