Control Panel

In web hosting parlance, the control panel is the user interface provided by the hosting company, through which customers can manage their various hosted services from a central location. Typically presented as a graphical user interface (GUI), the flexibility, user-friendliness and scope of control offered in a control panel is a significant differentiating factor between hosting services.

Among the more common functions and modules available in typical control panels are tools that account for available and used disk space and bandwidth, email account setup and configuration, FTP account maintenance, database management, web log analytics, access to server log files, and a web-based file management interface.

Control panels vary greatly in terms of the operating systems and licenses they support, making flexibility and cross-platform compatibility crucial considerations, in developing, choosing and using control panels. NationalNet Hosting’s control panel is designed to offer maximum compatibility and control with a minimal learning curve, making it easy to use, even for less experienced and web savvy customers.