Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting service, also known as a dedicated server or managed hosting service, is a hosting package in which the client leases a server of their own that is not shared with any other entity or service. Dedicated hosting offers greater flexibility and control than shared hosting, and generally results in better security and performance, as well. Administration of the servers is still handled by the hosting company under a dedicated hosting arrangement.

When sharing a server with other hosting clients, critical resources like memory, disk space and bandwidth are also shared with those other clients, raising the possibility that spikes in activity on their websites or applications could interfere with the performance of your websites and other properties. Under a dedicated hosting package, hosting clients are better able to manage resources due to the more stable and predictable environment.

Hosting clients who choose dedicated hosting packages also don’t have to worry about the security implications of shared server resources, like distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks on third-party websites, or the risk of hackers gaining server access through vulnerabilities introduced by other shared hosting clients.