Domain Name Transfer

Transfer as it applies to domain names is the process of changing which company is the registrar of a domain name. You can register domains on any number of registrars but might one day want to transfer the domain to another for any number of reasons, such as cost of renewal or customer service related issues. This process is known as a transfer and requires that you notify the existing registrar and the new registrar that the transfer is going to take place. Once the domain transfer is complete, the domain owner is notified of that fact.

In some cases, an existing registrar may delay the transfer by as long as they are allowed. In most cases however, the entire process is completed in about five business days or so. Once a domain has been transferred, it may not be again transferred for at least 60 days by rule, except back to the previous registrar. It’s possible for a transfer to take up to 14 days to complete, so a general rule of thumb is to initiate any transfers at least two weeks before a domain will expire so that there are no unforeseen troubles.