A home page, or homepage, is a page on a website that is also commonly referred to as the main page or index page, and can refer to one of several page types:

– The home page can be the initial page of a website that loads when the website’s default URL is accessed by a browser, also commonly referred to as the index page.

– The first page of content on a website, if the index page of that website does not offer actual content, requiring users to access that site’s home page with an additional click.

– The page of a website that is returned with that site’s home button or text links that read “home” are clicked as part of the site’s internal navigation

– A personal web page offered by a central service, like a hosting provider, social networking website or academic website, that users are directed to upon logging in under their personal account.

The term is also used in other contexts, including to refer to the default page displayed when a user opens a web browser program, and/or that is displayed when the user hits the ‘home’ button on the web browser’s navigation bar, a location that generally can be set and modified by the user.