Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services, also often referred to as managed server hosting, is a type of web hosting in which the client leases an entire server and does not share that server with any other hosting clients. Managed hosting offers greater flexibility than shared hosting, as the hosting customer have full control over the servers at issue, including being able to choose the precise hardware used, the operating system employed and other facets of their dedicated server.

The primary difference between other forms of dedicated hosting and managed hosting is that under a managed hosting package, the hosting provider takes care of crucial server maintenance and monitoring functions; in true dedicated hosting, the customer handles maintenance and server administration directly. Managed hosting is targeted toward organizations with less technical knowledge, or that do not have IT departments of their own which are capable of server administration.

A relatively high cost hosting option that is typically used by larger companies and those with websites that receive a high volume of traffic, managed hosting provides the benefits of control, stability, high performance and added security, as the customer doesn’t have to be concerned with potential vulnerabilities in the systems of other customers as they would in a shared hosting package.