MS Index Server

Also commonly called Microsoft Indexing Service, Index server is a Windows function that maintains an index of most of a computer’s files in order to speed up and improve searches conducted on a PC and across corporate computer networks. Acting without user input to update indexes, this product was supplanted as of Windows 7 by a function called Windows Search.

MS Index Server was originally bundled with the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack, along with Windows 2000 and subsequent versions of the Windows OS. It was first made available in 1996, as a search function for Microsoft’s primary web server software at the time, Internet Information Service. It was included in Microsoft Windows Server through 2008, but was no longer running by default as of 2008; the function has been removed and replaced entirely with Windows Search as of Windows 8.

Using MS Index Server, the initial building of the index can take anywhere from several hours to several days, depending on the number of files being indexed, hard drive speed and user activity during indexing, among other factors. Once built, however, the index allows for comprehensive searching of the computer or network at issue.