In a web hosting context, a reseller is a company or organization that operates components of a Web hosting service in which it uses infrastructure, equipment and services provided by a third-party Web hosting service. Some resellers operate full-fledged businesses using the hardware, software, network and logistical support of another Web hosting firm, while others simply operate as sales agents for other Web hosting companies, offering discounts and providing low-level technical support.

Reseller hosting offers account holders the ability to resell the bandwidth and hard drive space allocated to them to end-user customers. Some resellers lease dedicated servers from hosting providers, while others resell shared hosting packages, generally charging a premium on top of the cost of their own hosting package. Hosting resellers are often providers of other services that offer hosting packages as an add-on to their website design, development or programming services.

Typically, reseller hosting doesn’t require the same degree of technical expertise that being a primary web host does. Since the source hosting company provides crucial elements like the data center, network hardware and infrastructure, server configuration, security and software updates, the hosting reseller is primarily engaged in marketing the service and managing relations with the reseller’s client base.