TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol is one of the main internet protocols that comprises the Internet Protocol suite known as IP. In fact the TCP protocol is so closely related with IP that the two are often simply referred to as TCP/IP. The TCP protocol offers a reliable way to deliver data between computers running on networks whether they’re several computers within a closed loop, or connected to the public internet. It also provides an ordered delivery that is checked for errors as it is transported between source and destination.

A web browser uses the TCP protocol when it is connected to the internet and it is also used for e-mail delivery and reception, as well as to transfer files from one location to another. TCP is one of those protocols that is at the core of how the modern digital world communicates with itself and detailed information is rarely needed outside of technical circles.

One of the main purposes of using TCP over it’s predecessor is that TCP verifies delivery of each packet of data after it has been transmitted.