Virtual Private Server

A VPS, or virtual private server allows a hosting company to have several different clients share the resources of one machine. Customers still have superuser level access to the operating system because it’s actually a virtual “instance” of the operating system. This means that the VPS is truly able to be utilized in the same way as a fully dedicated web server in terms of how all software behaves. This is a perfect solution for clients whose websites are not too computer intensive. For customers who run a lot of software applications and/or who have a truly high level of traffic on their websites, nothing is better than a dedicated machine. Most people will be able to use a VPS until such time as their website becomes highly popular and visited frequently.

For clients who want to install various software to test out on their web servers, VPS makes a lot of sense. Because the operating system is running in a protected shell, or instance, a software problem can be easily corrected by restarting the shell as it was before the problematic software was installed. This makes VPS an excellent choice as a test server for web developers and inexperienced clients alike.