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Service Agreement (SLA) - NationalNet

NationalNet, Inc. is committed to providing your company with the highest quality in hosting solutions.  With an N+1 configuration and a state of the art, custom designed data center, your can feel at ease when your servers are in our care. Our data center is patrolled 24/7/365 per year by a team of guards, backed up by seven levels of security, and monitored by cameras.



1. Installation Service Level. This Installation Service Level applies to all Customer Service Orders placed with NATNET. NATNET will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to install any Customer Service Order Colocation Space, Dedicated Servers or Managed servers on or before the Customer Commit Date specified for such Customer Service Order. This Installation Service Level shall not apply to Customer Service Orders which contain incorrect information supplied by Customer, Customer Service Orders which are altered at Customer’s request after submission and acceptance by NATNET, or Customer Service Orders which require NATNET to configure Colocation Space, Dedicated Servers or Managed Servers to specifications other than NATNET’s standard specifications or specifications set forth in the Customer Service Order. In the event NATNET does not meet this Installation Service Level for a particular Customer Service Order for reasons other than an Excused Outage or as set forth herein, Customer will be entitled to a service credit equal to the charges for one (1) day of the pro-rated regular monthly recurring charges for the affected Customer Service Order item for each day of delay, up to a monthly maximum credit of four (4) days.


2. Service Level Warranty. In the event Customer experiences any of the following and NATNET determines in its reasonable judgment that such inability was caused by NATNET’s failure to provide Services for reasons within NATNET’s reasonable control and not as a result of any action or inaction of Customer or any third parties (including Customer equipment and/or third party equipment), or any Excused Outage, NATNET will, upon Customer’s request in accordance with Paragraph 6D below, credit Customer’s account as described below:
A. Inability to Access the Internet (Downtime). This provision is applicable if Customer has ordered internet connectivity from NATNET. If Customer is unable to transmit and receive information from NATNET’s Internet connectivity to other portions of the Internet because NATNET failed to provide Internet connectivity, and said failure was not caused by an Excused Outage, for more than fifteen (15) consecutive minutes, NATNET will credit Customer’s account the pro-rata NATNET connectivity charges (i.e., all IP Transit Service related charges) for one (1) day of Service, up to an aggregate maximum credit of connectivity charges for seven (7) days of Service in any one calendar (1) month. NATNET’s scheduled maintenance of the Data Center and Services, as described in the Policies and Procedures, shall not be deemed to be a failure of NATNET to provide Internet Data Center Services. Pro-rata daily credits are limited to one full day’s credit per twenty-four (24) hour Service period. At no time does NATNET guarantee that network traffic will utilize any specific network path or receive any quantified traffic allocation. Due to the inherent nature of networks, all traffic is ultimately shared and path selection will be at the sole discretion of NATNET.
B. Power Service Level. The Availability Service Level for NATNET provided power to the Data Center is 99.99%. In the event of any power outage for reasons other than Customer actions or omissions, Customer will be entitled to receive a service credit equal to the charges for one (1) day of the pro-rated monthly recurring charges for the affected Customer Service Order item (with a maximum of a one (1) day credit for all outages in any twenty-four (24) hour period).
C. NATNET On Demand Services Response Time Service Level. The Response Time Service Level for the provision of NATNET On Demand service is thirty (30) minutes on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis. This Response Time Service Level is measured from the time NATNET Customer Service receives and logs Customer’s request ticket with all of the necessary information requested by NATNET Customer Service, until a NATNET technician responds to Customer’s request. In the event NATNET does not meet the Response Time Service Level, Customer will be entitled to a service credit equal to the charges for one (1) day of the pro-rated monthly recurring charges for the affected Customer Service Order item (with a maximum of a one (1) day credit for all instances of delay in a day, with a total monthly maximum credit of seven (7) days).
D. NOTE: Customer Must Request Credit. To receive any applicable credits, Customer must notify NATNET Customer Service within seven (7) days from the time Customer becomes eligible to receive a creditor forfeit its right to receive a credit. NATNET will contact Customer to review the status of the credit request and to determine the applicable credit, if any, due Customer.
E. Remedies Not Cumulative – Maximum Credit. In the event that Customer is entitled to multiple credits arising from the same event, such credits shall not be cumulative. Customer shall be entitled to receive only the maximum single credit available for such event. In no event will NATNET be required to credit Customer in any one (1) calendar month NATNET connectivity charges in excess of seven (7) days of Service. A credit shall be applied only to the month in which the incident took place. Customer shall not be eligible to receive any credits for periods during which Customer received any Service free of charge.
F. Termination Option for Chronic Problems. If, in any single calendar month, Customer would be able to receive credits totaling fifteen (15) or more days (but for the limitation in subparagraph E above) resulting from three (3) or more events during such calendar month or, if any single event entitling Customer to credits under subparagraph A exists for a period of eight (8) consecutive hours, then, Customer may terminate the applicable Service for cause and without termination fee by notifying NATNET within five (5) days following the end of such calendar month. Termination will be effective thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice by NATNET.


3. DDoS Mitigation Service. DDoS Mitigation Service is an optional service that Customer may purchase from NATNET via a CSO. In the event that Customer experiences a failure of the DDoS Mitigation Service NATNET, through its third party vendor offers a 99.99% network guarantee. At no time does NATNET guarantee, however, that remote networks will remain accessible. This network guarantee is the guarantee on behalf of NATNET and its third party vendors that all network equipment operated by NATNET and its third party vendors will remain in full operation, providing at the minimum, local network access.


If at any time, this SLA is not met, NATNET will issue an account credit to Customer based on the following equation: (Total Credit) = ((99.99 – (Current Uptime)) / 100 x (Customer MRC)) where (Total Credit) cannot exceed Customer’s total MRC for the DDoS Mitigation Service. Downtime is defined as an unplanned period in which all network access is restricted in any form, excluding acts of malice or sabotage intended to hinder network availability. Creditable downtime constitutes all unscheduled downtime. Scheduled downtime does not apply.


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