Data Center


Our facility was built with our 18 years of experience in mind and features an N+1 rated data center fitted with fire-suppression systems, UPS, back-up generators and environmental controls to ensure high-quality, uninterrupted service. Using state of the art software and in-house facilities experts, the Atlanta data center is continuously monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We’ve taken several crucial measures to ensure our world-class data center infrastructure is always available, reliable and secure. We are SOC Type II certified as well.



  • 24/7 Security on-site
  • Mantraps to prevent tailgating
  • Keycard access systems
  • Numerous video surveillance cameras and system
  • Anonymous building
  • Isolated shipping and receiving area
  • Precast reinforced concrete walls
  • Equipment checks
  • SOC Type II certified


Location and Construction

  • Freestanding building
  • 1 mile from I-75 for easy access
  • Outside of the 500 year floodplain
  • Right next to DOD protected airspace
  • Single point of access
  • Diverse underground fiber
  • Dual pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system



  • Underground independent Utility Feeds
  • N+1 UPS power
  • N+1 Diesel generators
  • 70 hours of fuel on site with emergency contract for immediate add’l delivery
  • Dedicated power infrastructure
  • Multiple power options



  • Total Cooling redundancy
  • CRAH units (no compressors to fail)
  • N+1 chilled water loop
  • perfect temperatures and humidity



  • Choose from 100’s of providers
  • Many providers directly in the building
  • Fiber loop to 56 Marietta Telx to access every provider there
  • Low cost Cross Connects


To take a virtual tour of our data center, see our company highlights, or learn more about our infrastructure, visit one of our pages below or contact our sales department here.


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