Hardware Technology


Server & Hardware Technology - NationalNetNationalNet has committed the resources, incorporated the technology and has the expertise to ensure that your servers have the latest hardware technology. In particular, we utilize best of breed components throughout our server integration process. From the processors, to the RAM, to the hard drives, our customized approach guarantees complete customer satisfaction.






NationalNet can provide a wide array of server configurations to address the most complex need. In addition, our comprehensive hosting management services include a range of monitoring, administration, backup and security services for server and other hardware technologies. These services allow you to gain the most from your budget and staff:



Load Balancing
As Web applications have become more critical to the profits and operations of organizations, maximum uptime, scalability and reliability have moved to the forefront of the list of hosting priorities. “Load balancing” addresses all of these requirements. Load balancing is a service by which traffic is shared among multiple network-connected devices, including firewalls, web servers, databases or caches.


Load balancers receive all requests and distribute the requests according to server availability, load, response time and other performance metrics. The capability to intelligently route traffic allows you to leverage commodity servers and intelligent technology in order to build a high-capability environment and to expand or reallocate that capacity seamlessly and transparently.


Benefits of server load balancing include:

  • Allows customers to scale server architecture easily in order to keep up with growing traffic demands,
  • Reduces single points of failure, resulting in higher-availability or “always-on” conditions,
  • Increases performance by distributing load.


NationalNet can provide shared load balancing for your server configuration on our own load balancers. For those customers whose business or technical requirements cannot be met by shared load balancing, NationalNet can provide and manage dedicated appliances.




NationalNet’s staff provides complete installation, configuration and testing of your server environment. Also, in line with our commitment to maintaining high-value, “boutique-like” quality service, we build our own server technology in-house. In addition, we have established relationships with leading hardware and software vendors, ensuring timely, accurate deployments.


Our System Administrators are experts at installing operating systems, application software and service packs.


The installations are standardized and repeatable to ensure consistent and efficient operation. Each NationalNet standard configuration is optimized for security, reliability and performance.


Proactive Monitoring


NationalNet monitors all critical components of your server and all other infrastructure hardware systems to ensure correct and efficient operation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. These monitors include, but are not limited to:


  • Hardware (failure or performance degradation)
  • Connectivity
  • Disk Space
  • Memory Utilization
  • Processor Utilization
  • Performance
  • Services and Processes including mail, databases, under/over utilization of bandwidth



Ongoing maintenance is vital to running a secure, available and scalable environment. For our managed customers, our System Administrators will notify them when an upgrade to their system is required due to growth of their resource requirements. NationalNet performs scheduled backups of systems and application files, management of the domain, proactive patching and hardening and comprehensive troubleshooting of server faults.