Advanced Monitoring


Advanced Performance & Server Monitoring - NationalNetNationalNet developed a proprietary automated monitoring system that monitors and reports on the health of every aspect of our data center, network operations and servers, 24/7/365.


At the server level, for example, the system tracks response times, disk space usage, utilization, availability and other variables relating to system performance. The monitoring system actually “learns” from a server’s historical activity profile and when appropriate, provides real time recommendations & solutions on content management as well as redundancy and load balancing considerations.


NationalNet utilizes a sophisticated set of tools to track, analyze and explain every important detail of your web hosting platform. Our monitoring system tracks and analyzes, 24/7/365, key performance attributes such as “ping”, CPU load and HTTP. Our clients being billed on the 95th Percentile can view their bandwidth usage in real-time as well as see historical data.