Data Backup & Restore

Data backup & Restore Management - NationalNetNationalNet’s data backup, archival and recovery services will help you protect your mission-critical hosted data. From the very start, your server will be built with a minimum of a RAID 1 for disk redundancy. Additionally, our data backup services are customizable and augment your disaster recovery plans. NationalNet’s data backup service will back up your files and data on all servers in order to provide:

  • The fastest recovery of your servers in the event of a hardware/software failure or physical disaster.
  • A measure of protection against human error or the inadvertent deletion of important files.


The data backup service takes regular copies of the files on each server to a recovery storage medium that is retained for certain periods of time (archival period). These backups are kept at NationalNet’s facility.


The components of the data backup service that are customizable are:


  • The amount of data to be backed up
  • The type of data to be backed up (Web, database, system files, etc.)
  • The frequency of backups
  • The archival retention period


NationalNet’s data backup services include:


  • Once per week full backups
  • Daily incremental backups
  • Backups customized to your meet your


Ask your sales person for details about our backup service here.