Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan - NationalNet
NationalNet has footprints and partnerships with other datacenters throughout the United States. Whether you come to us as a backup for your current hosting solution, or are utilizing us for your main hosting needs,  we understand the necessary steps to make sure your databases and sites are securly backed up. We will guide you through the proper implementation plan to ensure your data will be secured and can withstand any natural disaster.

What Exactly is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

A DR Plan is designed to mirror your entire infrastructure (servers, network equipment, etc) in a second data center, usually in a data center that is at least 2-300 miles or more from your main location.  The reason for the distance is in case the primary center is subject to a natural disaster.  For instance, if a hurricane brings down your primary location, you want to ensure that the secondary location is also not affected.


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