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, in conjunction with ShopsiteTM offers complete e-commerce solutions, online shopping cart software and managed hosting for the small and medium size business. ShopSiteTM is recognized as the easiest-to-use, feature rich and flexible shopping cart software available. Our system includes an easy-to-use Web store builder, search engine friendly page design, feature-rich merchandising options and the most robust Web hosting foundation on the market.


About ShopSiteTM

Setting up an online store can be both the most crucial and difficult part of establishing your presence on the Internet. The skill set required to setup and run a quality, secure online shopping environment is much different than that required to build the rest of your Web site. Thanks to ShopSiteTM, developing and managing a successful online store is easier than ever before. No other shopping cart software combines ShopSite’sTM unparalleled ease-of-use with such powerful marketing options. That is why more small-to-medium-sized businesses rely on¬†ShopSiteTM than any other Internet commerce product.

ShopSite includes a large selection of merchandising tools, from simple sales to offering coupons and gift certificates. Volume pricing, real-time Credit Card Processing, product search and customer registration are just a few of the many features that make ShopSite the ideal tool for creating and managing an online store. For a live demo of Shopsite, click here.


Why Choose ShopsiteTM?


eCommerce Purchase Plans


Transfer your ShopsiteTM Store to NationalNet



Why Choose ShopSiteTM?


There are many reasons to choose ShopSiteTM for your e-commerce sites including:

  • Easily add a secure shopping cart to an existing Web site
  • Build and administer the store with no software to download
  • Set up a store easily using ShopSite’s intuitive store building wizard
  • Use professionally designed built-in page templates, or have full control of the store look-and-feel with custom templates
  • Use associate sites to expand store visibility
  • Take advantage of special pricing from merchant account providers for online credit card processing
  • Put products on sale and offer volume discounts
  • Create discount coupons that can be applied to individual products, groups of products, or entire orders
  • Display real-time UPS shipping
    charges to customers
  • Download order and product information into Intuit’s QuickBooks
  • Sell digital download products such as software




eCommerce Purchase Plans


NationalNet offers the ShopSite Manager and Pro ecommerce products, which can be purchased (Permanent Licenses) or paid for monthly (Monthly Lease). Once you have selected your hosting solution, NationalNet would then assist you in determining the proper ecommerce software solution that best meets your requirements.


eMarketPlace ShopSiteTM


Lease Option
Purchase Option Setup Fee
ShopSite Manager $59/month $ 495.00 $50
Shopsite Pro $99/month $1,295.00 $99

*Please note that the above pricing does not include the cost of hosting or SSL Certificates.




Transferring Your ShopSiteTM store to NationalNet


If you already own the license for an existing ShopsiteTM store, NationalNet makes it easy to transfer your ecommerce website. NationalNet will:

  • Install the software in the account.
  • Move over the existing databases (products, pages, orders) if the operating system is compatible.
  • Move over all webpages, images and files in your current site.
  • Regenerate any ShopsiteTM created pages in the new store.
  • Move over all webpages and files related to the website.

All this while having no downtime to your original store. Once the new account is setup, NationalNet will submit the DNS modification to have your store transfer over seamlessly. And best of all, the
charge for this service is only $99 for ShopSite Manager and $199 for ShopSite Pro!

NationalNet can also seamlessly move a leased/rented ShopSite store.