Media Hosting

Media Hosting, Streaming Video, Video on Demand
Media Hosting allows your website to broadcast video-on-demand (VOD), live streaming and web/podcast to your users over everyday internet connections. With streaming media, your audience can see and hear your media almost instantly.  The quality of the video and audio are only limited by the viewers download speeds and physical equipment. We host your on-demand audio and video files in Windows Media, Flash Video and Quicktime. With us you can expect nothing less than high performance and quality delivery across the globe.

Live Streaming

When hosting your live stream with NationalNet, the opportunities are endless. Take advantage of webinars, online business meetings and educational conferences. You can utilize live streaming to reach a global audience in one swift move.


Video on Demand

Video on Demand (VOD) hosting capabilities with NationalNet means your content is being streamed uninterrupted, in DVD quality over the Internet. Using high bandwidth distribution to broadcast your video for a superior, interactive experience. The end user can access the content at their leisure instead of a fixed point in time like a television broadcast.


So what is VOD?

Downloadable movies or video files that are transmistted over the Internet just like any other kind of static image, text or sound file (typically Flash, Quicktime, WMV or MPEG).


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